hopes grow


hopes grow

Title: Hopes Grow!

year: 2009

medium: Green ink, tapes, and printed papers

This project was made in 2009 after my self-exile to Sweden from Iran. In June 2009 there was a presidential election in Iran that ended up in opposition to the election results. The voters believed that there was a cheating in the result of the election and they started demonstrating. However, the whole opposition ended up in violent clashes between citizens and the government. I saw the violence for the first time before my eyes and I felt the courage and the fear at the same time.

After I settled down in Sweden, I started taking photos of my laptop while I was on Internet to catch up with the political news and keep in touch with my friends and relatives. I took plenty of photos constantly and I continued this habit for almost two years. I printed some of these photos randomly on A4 papers and started struggling with them in different ways.

The project hopes grow is an installation made out of these printed photos covered with tapes. I stuck the papers beside each other on the floor and on the walls and started covering them all with transparent tapes. Then I peeled off some parts of the tapes and I squeezed them. Each squeezed part looked like a small personage on this vast map. A map made out of photos taken during after the demonstrations; a map with photos from my private life and me while I was talking through Skype with my relatives. The map looks like a typological city map with a lot of personages on it. I purred green ink on these small personages so they look like a group of demonstrators in the city.

I believe that if I have the opportunity to make a huge installation out of the mentioned project by covering the floors and the walls of a gallery space, it would have a staggering impression that would refer indirectly to the political crisis in Iran. In a post-modernistic point of view, the project is a temporary installed project and will be set up in a few days. However, the following image had the dimension of 300 cm in 300 cm. Please zoom in to see the details.

The whole work consists of an archive of images from the political news (on internet) besides my very private life on internet (while talking on Skype with my friends and parents with web cam) from August 2009 (2 months after the presidential election in Iran) till 2011.