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Interview with Vida DENA about her artworks.


BRUZZ Magazine:

Vida Dena: "Je ne me sens pas immigrée à Bruxelles" Interview with Vida about her artworks.


KAROO Online magazine:

Cette semaine la galerie Karoo explore l'univers de Vida Dena, artiste iranienne vivant depuis quelques années à Bruxelles. ( click on the image for more info)



Drawings for the cover and inside design of : AGIR PAR LA CULTURE N°47 ( click on the image for more info)


ARIELLE D’HAUTERIVES galerie, Brussels,Belgium:

Les thèmes de la censure et de l’auto censure sont au centre du travail de Vida DENA, une artiste iranienne aujourd’hui établie en Belgique. « Ces thèmes m’obsèdent depuis que j’ai quitté l’Iran, une société rigidifiée par les filtres sociaux et la censure, pour aller étudier les Beaux-Arts en Suède, perçue comme une société libre. »

Son travail explore les tensions entre deux identités, sociale et culturelle, d’une part et virtuelle, de l’autre, l’impossible définition de l’appartenance et tout ce qui dans la construction sociale peut modeler la personnalité et les comportements des individus.

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Curatorial text by Jo Huybrechts for the solo exhibition in Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Santiago,Chile

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Vida DENA`s art works are originated directly from her personal life but they point at very crucial universal issues; indirectly thus effectively.

Her main focus on her art works are on the definitions such as Censorship, self-censorship, immigration, freedom of expression and also on the general idea of the effect of the social construction on shaping the characters. So, although it is not noticeable from the first impression, all her works can be categorized as political artworks.

Vida is a young Iranian female artist (born in 1984). She lived for 24 years in Iran and like lots of other young Iranians from the same generation (post-revolution), to continue her education and of course to experience an independent life beyond the borders of her limited context she left Iran in 2009.

By coincidence, her departure overlapped the protests after the presidential election in 2009 which ended up in violence. Vida started to study master of fine arts in Sweden and her mind was obsessed with all the violence, oppression, deprivation of freedom and unclear political future for her country.

Whatever she wanted to create was being inspired by her main concerns. For her, her art was her life. She started taking photos of her laptop with her camera while she was on Internet to catch up with the political news and keep in touch with her friends and relatives.

She took plenty of photos constantly and she continued this habit for almost two years. Hopes grow is a project with prints of some of these photos which are covered by semi-transparent tapes. The whole work looks like a typological city map with a lot of personages on it.

She purred green ink on these small personages so they look like a group of demonstrators in the city.

In 2010 she did another version with the photos she had achieved from Internet. She glued the printed photos on the fabrics and she started sewing some parts of the photos with different colorful threads.

She used these threads to connect some parts of the images to each other, to add to them, to cover them, to exaggerate them and finally to censor some parts of taboos such as religious taboos (nudes, hair etc.) and political news about opposition in Iran by sewing Persian patterns on them. This project is called Censorship is beautiful...

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