• The magic of censorship:

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This paper focuses on the effects of living in societies that are defined as filtered, limited and censored societies.

Although the negative effects of living in such contexts are taken in to consideration, the aim of the paper is to analyse the positive effects of having such an experience of living in limited societies.

The research attempts to approach some questions neutrally. The questions are addressing how personalities are shaped in such contexts and how they help to improve the context to gradually reach freedom.


A scene from the film Life is beautiful by Roberto Benigni

The methodology used is based on interviews, the researcher`s personal reports and investigation through the history of art.

The paper introduces intriguing and creative ways of opposing the limits of freedom and struggling to break the taboos to live how we want to live!

The analysis points at magical reality, creativity and talking in-between-the-words as the intriguing effects of living in such contexts. Furthermore, through the research, definitions of semi-private spaces and political arts are considered as the tools to criticize indirectly (in-between-the-words) either individually or in public.

Finally, the paper concluded that the experience of living in limited societies can be unique and unbelievably exciting as well as magical!

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