The magic of censorship


Length: 10 Minutes

Year: 2012-2013 (work in progress)

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* Brief description of the film:

A generation who were born during the war; they are in their twenties and early thirties now. No one knew why, but these people were born with a disability.

The disability was that their fingers would grow when they were sad. Like Pinocchio when he was lying and his nose would grow and put him in troubles!

Every one had accepted their disabilities; the whole society.

One solution was an expensive painful operation and the other solution was to stay balanced in their emotions(happiness/sadness)! They should have helped each other to stay happy! But how? How could they stay happy while there was always a threat for them to end up in being clumsy young freaks?

The city had a special situation: everything seemed great and adorable. The exaggerating admiration of the city and its situation during the story would give an ironic meaning.

The city is suffering.The city is suffering from something that is a bit ambiguous in the story.

In my short film, I am going to criticize such a society by admiring it a lot in an ironic approach.

However, through these admirations, I try to highlight the ways people in such societies enjoy their life, criticize their contexts by using their extreme creativity and live at the moments by making magical realistic moments when they go beyond the rules and limits.